When it comes to the workplace, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. It only takes a single bully to infect an entire organisation with negativity, fear, mistrust and stress – and the longer their behaviour is allowed to continue, the more it costs the business in reduced productivity and dwindling employee health. Increases in absenteeism and plunging morale affect efficient decision-making and chew up company time (a non-renewable resource).

Delivery of excellent business results is directly linked to positive work environments where employees at every level feel comfortable debating, disagreeing and offering alternative solutions. A high level of open communication and encouragement of objective feedback makes a company stronger – financially and culturally. But here’s the thing: bullying is in direct opposition to these profit-making aims.

As an employer or manager, what are you doing to deal with bullying in your workplace? Failing to take appropriate action against a bully may be illegal because employers are obligated to maintain a safe work environment. Contravening existing laws related to unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, racial discrimination or gender equality can subject a business to the wrong end of a lawsuit. The bad publicity surrounding harassment litigation can seriously damage a company’s reputation and brand too.

Are your business managers properly trained in practical anti-bullying strategies?

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