Bullying destroys lives.

Bullyology® works with change makers in leadership, to empower their organization to break the silence of bullying.

We do this by:

  • Raising awareness of bullying in our global society and how to prevent it
  • Educating organizations and schools on the importance of the wellbeing and happiness of our youths and our employees
  • Managing a company is difficult. Dealing with multiple human factors and in your position, you will have heard the words “workplace bullying”
  • It might even have given you sleepless nights and multiple headaches. It’s a subject that no company wants to shine a light on.
  • But it’s real! It’s one of the most crippling experience a person and company can go through.
  • Jessica experienced workplace bullying personally. She lost her sense of worth and identity and after her previous employer took no concrete action she walked away. That has had huge consequences for the company and the people she worked with.
  • Turning a blind eye to workplace bullying will damage your reputation and it won’t go away overnight
  • You are in a position to be a true leader and change maker.
  • You want to make your position clear: bullying is not tolerated
  • You want to ensure that your organization or school is safe and free from harassment
  • You want to create a harmonious atmosphere where people feel valued

Jessica works with progressive schools, companies and CEO’s to ensure that bullying does not exist in your organization

  •  Jessica offers a range of distinctive and inspiring speaking programs
  • Jessica provides training workshops to address prevention of bullying in schools and workplaces



On average each year between 2010–11 to 2014–15:

Australians were compensated for work-related mental disorders


of mental disorder claims were attributed to mental stress

weeks is the typical time off work with a mental disorder claim

The main causes of serious mental disorder claims were:


Work pressure


Work related harassment or bullying


Exposure to workplace or occupational violence

Source: Safe Work Australia – Mental Health


million working days are lost annually because of workplace bullying


of annual loss due to bullying-related absenteeism

weeks is the typical time off work with a mental disorder claim

A 2014-15 Australian Workplace Barometer Project, collected via telephone from 4,242 employees nationwide. Key findings included:

The total cost of depression to Australian employers due to presentism and absenteeism is estimated to be approximately $6.3 billion per annum.

Workers with psychological distress took four times as many sick days per month and had a 154% higher performance loss at work than those not experiencing psychological distress.

This equates to an average cost of $6,309 per annum in comparison with those not experiencing psychological distress.

Relative to workers with high engagement, workers with low engagement have approximately 12% more sick days per month and an average performance loss of eight per cent, costing employers $4796 per annum.

Source: Safe Work Australia – The Australian Workplace Barometer project

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