For this episode, I interviewed Stacy Henderson creator of POVAR.
POVAR works to free those who feel trapped in their professional field, including toxic workplace environments with a bullying boss or colleagues.
After meeting Stacy at a networking event, I was interested in his mission to give a FREE financial tool to 1 million people in the aim to empower financial freedom.
  • Stacy story from a tough upbringing, hustle and hardship
  • Self realisation and reframing behaviours
  • Moving from alcoholism and debt to becoming financial free
  • Stacy’s definition of Financial Freedom
  • The mission behind POVAR – Point of view, action & result
  • Law of attraction, vision boards & manifesting your desired life
  • Money Mastery- understanding offence vs defence
  • Tools and strategies to create a ‘backup’ fund in case you need to escape a toxic workplace environment or save for a ‘rainy day’
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