For this episode, I interviewed Brooke Taylor founder of Brooke Taylor Coaching.

Brooke shares a fascinating insight into life growing up in the tech hub of Silicon Valley in the 90s, where hyper-masculinity and suspended femininity played a massive part in misaligned success values that eventually lead to toxic addictive behaviours and unrealistic self-expectations.

Working for one of the ‘Tech Giants’ Brooke experienced workplace harassment from a person in an authority figure whom she trusted and respected.

Brooke is sharing her story for the first time.


  • Brooke’s identity and self-worth based on life within the walls of ‘the tech giant’
  • Misaligned values of success and striving for love and belonging
  • setting unrealistic expectations and fear of underachieving
  • Brooke’s personal story of Workplace Harassment- Effects & Outcomes
  • Learning how to regular internal pressure and creating habits for healthy stress release
  • Workaholism, alcoholism, and the dangers of losing one’s identity
  • Exploring 3 Pillars of addiction
  • Tips for detaching from work and technology
  • Moving forward with routines for a sustainable healthy balance

You can check out Brooke’s website at:

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