For the first episode, I thought I would share my interview with Martin Silva, Health and Fitness Coach and Podcast host of ‘Optimise Your Body with Martin Silva.’

This interview gives an overview of my story and mission behind creating Bullyology.


  • My battle with anxiety as a result of becoming a target of continuous bullying within my work environment.
  • My personal definition of bullying.
  • What actions you should take if you, or your child is being bullied
  • An insight into Martin’s previous battle with depression and the importance of breaking the stigma around men’s mental health
  • Psychological, Physical and Emotional effects of Bullying
  • Gut health and the importance of proper nutrition for mental wellness.
  • The importance of good quality sleep, practising gratitude and meditation for your overall health.
  • How to build resilience in a world where a lot of people are oversensitive.
  • My non-negotiable daily habits that I have implemented to achieve success.

You can check out Martin’s podcast at

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