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Bullyology prides itself for being an interactive education process. Students can learn through active discussion and self-reflective activities that not only teach them how to act, but also inspire them to.

Bullyology takes a thoughtful and proactive approach designed to educate and inspire your students. We begin with 3 simple steps of understanding and mastering Empathy, Ethics and Equality—the fundamental qualities of an Upstander. In doing so, we enable students to understand and respect themselves as well as one another.

Our workshops are designed to encourage and demonstrate self-reflective behaviour as much as they do Upstander behaviour. We strongly believe many problems that we see in the world are due to a lack of knowledge about ourselves and how we think. Hence, we begin these workshops by getting to know our audience and tailor the approach to suit your students’ needs.

Bullyology’s workshops cover 4 important steps to understanding how to become an Upstander:

1. Boundaries and Respect
2. Bullying and Bystanders
3. Being an Upstander, and
4. Taking Action Bullyology

We give students the tools to grow and change, and the confidence to. With the goal of ‘The Upstander,’ students can begin deciding the role they will play in their lives at home, school and community to be better, more inclusive citizens.

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The Upstander
become more inclusive citizens


– Keynote / Assembly



DELIVERY: Face to Face, Live, or Pre Reordered Webinar

CAPACITY: Up to 120 students

Learning Objective:

– Jessica’s Personal Journey with 3.5 years of bullying

– A glimpse of 21st century challenges that can cause harm including: Bullying, Harassment & toxic online behaviours

– Explore the damaging effects of bullying

– Physical, Psychological & Emotional Harm

– The role of Bystanders vs Upstanders

– Where to get help and support


Be an Upstander

Be an Upstander

Deliver 30-minute presentation


DELIVERY: Face to Face or Live or Pre Reordered Webinar

CAPACITY: Up to 120 students

Learning Objective:

– Test perceptions about bullying

– What is/isn’t Bullying

– Associated health risks

– Cyber Bullying / impacts

– What is an upstander?

– Bystander Vs Upstander

– Resilience & Self reflection

– Upstander Action plan ™

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