Whether you’re currently being bullied or are suffering after-effects from past abuse, it’s important to understand that bullying is a direct assault on your self-esteem. To cope, you’ll need to find ways to repair your identity and re-establish your sense of self-worth. You’ll need to relearn how to feel safe in the world and acquire the skills to take control of your moods, urges, emotional reactions and overall health.

Repairing the damage from my own bullying experiences was a lengthy learning process and involved meditation, yoga, Reiki healing, psychologist sessions, natural oils, a life coach, mindfulness, self-education and more. I absorbed all the knowledge I could get my hands on about bullying and how to combat the health issues it can cause.

There is no single answer – everyone’s healing journey is different. One of my main aims in founding Bullyology and writing The Bullyologist was to help others navigate the tricky path from victim to survivor/thriver. The first step (and one that I struggled with myself) is admitting you can’t fight it alone.  Help is available if you’ll just seek it out – and the sooner you make that decision, the better.


What do you find is most effective in helping you recover from a bout of emotional turmoil?

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