A global workplace bullying survey conducted by Executive Secretary magazine paints a grim picture of modern work environments. More than 60% of administrative professionals reported being bullied at least once during their career and two-thirds had been bullied more than three times during their career.

The most worrying survey finding was how poorly businesses handled these bullying incidents. A third of respondents said their complaints were completely ignored and over a quarter found that after they found the courage to speak up, their revelations were turned against them.

Although 29% of businesses spoke to the perpetrators about their behaviour, only 7% of the bullies had ANY form of disciplinary action taken against them and a mere 1% were suspended pending an investigation.

Failing to address bullying loses money, wastes time and alienates employees.

Comprehensive anti-bullying training for managers can help your business to:

  • create a mutually respectful and professional workplace
  • boost staff productivity and engagement
  • save time by streamlining the way you deal with bullying incidents
  • address negative behaviours fairly and supportively
  • help management handle complex bullying situations more efficiently
  • create a more positive organisational culture where everyone feels valued
  • ensure your managers are aware of (and comply with) laws applicable to workplace anti-discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • help your business establish a reputation as a fair employer that attracts (and keeps) top talent and cares about the health and well-being of its employees

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